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The Course


It’s one thing to be a great teacher. It’s quite another to run a successful business. Get MBA-level training.


Includes a full review of grammatical concepts and tricky questions that come up often on the exams.


To get the maximum effort and performance out of a student, you must first make a human connection.


An extensive review of math, including the core formulas to memorize and the most commonly tested concepts.


When a student scores poorly, there is usually an issue with unfinished sections. We’ll help them beat the clock.


We’ll teach you a key technique that will boost any student’s ability to read, retain, and get results.


We’ll teach the key to writing a perfect essay that will provide a huge improvement for nearly every student.


Quickly assess and understand data and experiments, while saving precious time for the questions.


Course Topics


Lesson Videos


Bonus Lessons

  • Connector.

    Test Preparation

    Key concepts from all sections of the ACT and SAT, study guides, formula sheets, homework, techniques for reviewing & reinforcing concepts.

  • Connector.

    The Business Side

    Complete business management. How to get your initial students, and how to turn them into referrals. Market research, competitive pricing, digital payment collection, and so on.

  • Connector.

    Test Day

    Effective strategic approaches to help your students to maximize their performance on test day. Techniques for time management, guessing strategies, and commonly occuring problems for each section.

  • Connector.


    Parental contact, student psychology, performance and expectations, and building a custom-tailored plan for success for the student.

  • Connector.

    Student Types

    Comprehensive guide on how to modify your teaching approach based on each student’s ability level and study habits. This is the key to achieving successful results with nearly every type of student.

  • Connector.

    Retaking the Test

    Techniques to help the family set reasonable goals and understand when it’s appropriate to retake the test. Planning tools to help you set up a winning schedule with your student and his or her parents.

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The ACT is one of two tests that most US colleges use to determine admissions. It is a three and a half hour test made up of four multiple-choice sections (English, Math, Reading, and Science) as well as a written essay.


The SAT is the alternate to the ACT. The gold standard in the past, it has been overtaken in popularity by the ACT in recent years. Still, the material of the new SAT is quite similar; it is in your best interest to be able to tutor both. Differences include a No Calculator Math section, and the lack of a Science section.

Our Community

Our goal is to build a cohort of tutors from all around the globe, sharing strategies, resources, and best practices of our fulfilling and financially rewarding profession.

Join us in taking the Legendary Tutor course, and let's build a global community together.


Course Results

Successful completion of the course and all essential quizzes will result in your accreditation via a Legendary Tutor Completion Certificate. Hear from a few of our certificate recipients below.
  • The LT course is fantastic. It prepared me to start my own business, which I found very intimidating beforehand.
    Sam A., St. Petersburg, FL

  • I recommend this program wholeheartedly! I’m happier and I’ve got more free time than I’ve ever had.
    Norm P., New York, US

  • I was looking for ways to make money after hours and so far this has been perfect.
    Bill S., Florida, US

  • The course gave me a huge confidence boost… I’ve since doubled my rates. The cheat sheets have a permanent home on my desk and the business training was interesting as well.
    Jeremy C., Idaho, US

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to succeed in the course, an individual should possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
No. Students from all academic disciplines are capable of succeeding in this course.
After taking this course, you will be qualified to tutor high school students in order to prepare them to take the ACT/SAT.
The course provides an in-depth analysis of every aspect of the current ACT and the recently revised SAT. It is designed to help a prospective tutor choose appropriate materials, organize lessons, and develop effective coaching strategies that will enable students to significantly improve their standardized test scores.
Legendary Tutor was developed in consultation with a team of professional tutors. It reflects strategies that these tutors have developed and employed with thousands of students over a period of three decades.
After identifying 11 different kinds of students, the Legendary Tutor course provides the aspiring tutor with reading strategies (SAT/ACT), frequently tested grammatical concepts (SAT/ACT), Math formulas and strategies (ACT/SAT), a blueprint for the writing section (ACT/SAT), and strategies required to succeed in the Science Section (ACT only).
Yes, the LT program is designed to train the instructor to successfully tutor every area of the SAT/ACT.
If you are sincerely interested in becoming a successful tutor, Legendary Tutor is the course for you. We offer a rigorous program that will prepare you to tutor all sections of the ACT/SAT. Depending on your level of academic preparation, this may require a significant effort on your part. If you are a recent college graduate with a strong academic background, the preparation may be less challenging. If you are currently a tutor in any academic area, this course will significantly upgrade your skills. If you are an individual who has been away from strictly academic pursuits for a period of time, Legendary Tutor will lead you through a series of practice exams which will enable you to reawaken your academic potential and give you the skills to tutor with confidence.
Legendary Tutor is designed to maintain an online community of tutors who will be able to consult with each other on any topic, strategy, or information related to the course or to standardized testing in general. The founders of this course will also be available to answer any questions you might have in the forums.
Yes. Legendary Tutor will provide aspiring tutors with a variety of avenues that experienced tutors have utilized in order to build their student base.
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